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COVID-19 Updates

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Email: A serious matter & an exciting matter!


I'll start with the serious matter first...

I hope that everyone is doing well as we are all trying to do our part to flatten the curve during this Covid19 pandemic. I hope everyone had a good Spring Break last week, and I am so sorry that we have had to change this week’s lessons up a bit but all our decisions right now are made in order to keep everyone healthy and follow the CDC guidelines during this time. This was a very hard decision to make and there were a few tears trying to figure out what would be best for everyone.

I hope that you have been enjoying the Online Learning opportunities we have been offering you each day. These materials, resources, etc, have been so much fun to work on (even though it has taken a lot of time to develop, upload, post, etc). We do expect everyone to check out lochwood.info/covid19 to see all of the beautiful content that teachers are sending your way. Remember you can still learn something about a subject you aren’t “studying”. 

  • Miss Kristina’s Vocal Health Tips are great for anyone who talks. Just because you don’t sing doesn’t mean you aren’t possibly damaging your voice. We want to keep your voice healthy! 
  • Miss Stephanie’s Posture talk is wondering for anyone who performs. We must have good posture if we play a woodwind or piano just as much as for voice. This video will help you stay relaxed during performances.
  • Miss Nicole’s choreography video is a great way to get some exercise! Gyms are closed, school is closed so I’m sure there have been a lot more lounging around happening. :) Trust me we all need that once in a while but we also want to stay healthy. 
  • Mrs. Byerts’ talks on Scales and Chords are amazing for pianists but also for guitarists and anyone who likes to create music!
  • And all the other teachers who have been posting information.. WOW! even I am learning things new every day!

We are here to expand your knowledge of the performing arts. Please make sure you take this advantage. You are receiving 6 weeks of lessons in a span of 1 week! That is amazing!


Now for the exciting part of this email!!

We are planning something special for this Friday, March 27th. At 10:30am we will be holding an Online Masterclass via ZOOM. Please make sure that your computer/ipad/phone/laptop has ZOOM downloaded and that you are ready to meet together on Friday.

Anyone is able to perform on Friday. If you are a pianist or vocalist make sure you have your music ready to go at the piano or your karaoke track. After each performance, you will be given some comments and we will allow the other participants/observers to comment as well. This will be a fun and educational call and I hope to see many of you online Friday at 10:30. (I like being alone, but I don’t want to be alone that day - so please make plans to join me).

Lochwood is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Lochwood Masterclass 3/27/20

Time: Mar 27, 2020 10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 357 724 752

March 23, 2020 Update Email:

Good Morning Lochwood Families!

We hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break even though most of us were cooped up in our houses. Today is Day 1 of our closures during the Corona Virus Pandemic but that doesn't mean we stop learning. 

Our Lochwood team has been hard at work preparing daily content to enhance a spectrum wide learning of the arts. We are very excited about what we are providing our Lochwood Community through this unprecedented time. We encourage you to look daily at lochwood.info/covid19 for all of the daily materials.

As you can imagine it is difficult to create specific information for each of our students, so we are posting a wide variety of activities, worksheets, listening guides, videos, etc. For example, even though your child may not be studying voice, they still can enjoy learning about other instruments and ideas. Our worksheets are varied in regards to levels so we encourage the students to do any and all activities. Take this time to work together with your child so that you also can learn more about the performing arts. 

As we were preparing our first day of activities, I sent the page to a friend and this is what she had to say...

"As an SCPS educator who is spending time this week learning about online education and preparing to move my classroom online for a few weeks, I love how Lochwood has evolved during these uncertain times to provide for their students. The content being provided through daily videos, activities, and educational instruction to go along with at-home practice is phenomenal. Don’t forget the at-home practice; that’s the most important part of the process. Also, be sure to film yourself practicing and sharing with Lochwood; I know they want to showcase their students on social media as a way to interact with each other. They are keeping connected with their students and their families through impactful and thoughtful content. I would highly suggest taking the time each day to click through the videos and activities provided. They will most definitely keep you engaged with the arts while we stay home in our efforts to flatten the curve."

--Melissa Perry (English/Reading Teacher @ Seminole High School)

Find 3/23/20 Activities HERE

March 21, 2020 Update:

Lochwood Families,

After recent events around the country and the closings of businesses, we have decided to do our part in flattening the curve by closing the studio this next week March 23rd-28th. 

The health of our teachers, students, parents, vendors and community are our number one priority through this pandemic. 

Even though we will be closed, we do not want our students to miss out on the opportunity to learn! Each day, we will be sending out a packet of activities which could include, music theory, music games, composer biographies, sightreadings, music history and much more. In addition to the daily packets, we will also be sending out teacher created videos.  

We also encourage all of our students to send in videos of them performing a piece they are working on to be featured on social media! This includes all students in any class or private lesson.  

We hope that all of our students will participate in these various activities! Be sure to follow us on social media, email and at lochwood.info. 

Even though we will be sending the activities through email, be sure to check out Lochwood.info daily for the activities and updates on the studios response to COVID-19. 

As always, if you have any questions while you are practicing, reach out to your teacher or Lochwood via TeacherZone.

We hope to be back to our regular scheduled lessons on the 30th of March. Updates will be in the future regarding reopening of the studio and scheduling of lessons. 

-Lochwood Academy

Use the link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/J0fWMlq2VhotOda6yMoP to submit a video or photo of you performing/practicing to be highlighted on our social media or to submit your activities daily.

March 19, 2020 Update:

Lochwood Families

We have been monitoring the CDC and Government Health Officials during this unprecedented time. 

Since during private lessons we are in adherence with the newest recommendation preventing the gatherings of 10 or more, we will continue lessons as regularly scheduled after Spring Break starting March 22nd. Group classes (Rock Band, Drama & Musical Theatre I & II) will resume, as of now, the following week, March 30th, at adjusted times to help stay in compliance with the CDC. 

We ask parents to please walk your child to the door and then remain in your car or outside during the duration of their lesson. We will have 5 studios running at the same time and with all of them occupied at once, with 1 teacher and 1 student, it is just at the recommended gathering limit. 

We will continue to sanitize surfaces and piano keys between students and ask that everyone use the hand sanitizer at the sign-in desk and soap in the bathroom before and after lessons. 

If you are uncomfortable coming to the studio for your lesson or showing symptoms of Covid-19, we are offering Virtual Lessons with your teacher during this time! 

You also have the option of staying at your normal lesson time or coming earlier in the day regardless of having in-person or virtual lessons (depending on school closures and your teachers availability). 

Please fill out the form below to let us know what you would like to plan for the week(s) after spring break and we will contact you personally of any changes we have agreed upon. 

We encourage everyone to still come to their lessons in order to build upon the skills attained and move forward. An example; If you are training at the gym, you may get into great shape, but if you take a few weeks off from your work out, you lose the progress you have made.

Playing an instrument helps children to focus on something positive. Being able to see and interact with their teacher helps them to feel safe and secure. If things do get to the point where we all have to “lay low” for a while, playing their instrument will certainly give your child something educational to do as well as keep “normalcy” in their lives. 

We will continue to hold Showcase Auditions on April 4th (sign-up here for a time slot!), Recitals and the Showcase Concert at this time. We may need to make limitations on audience numbers and participants, however, we will notify you of any changes as we continue to get closer to those dates. 

We hope you all continue to have a safe and healthy break and as always, continue to look for future emails of any changes in the coming days.