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Showcase Costumes

Solo Costumes


  • Talk with your Private Teacher about Costume ideas that correlate with your solo piece.

Vocal Ensemble

What Time Is It?

  • Boys and Girls - Blue jean bottoms, school pride T-shirts (current school or any school), tennis shoes

Song of Purple Summer

  • Everyone - some combination of Black and White clothing ONLY. No other colors.

Mr. Blue Sky

  • Boys and Girls -- 70's clothing

Walking On Sunshine

  • Girls - ONE-piece bathing suit with a Sarong coverup or board-shorts
  • Boys - Board shorts, swim shirt/t-shirt
  • Sandals or no shoes

Elementary Singers

"Touch the Sky"

  • Forest Green incorporated into your outfit. Speak with Ms. Sydney if you have any other questions.

Groups Classes/Ensembles

  • Musical Theatre I
  • "Mamma Mia"
  • Brightly Colored clothing, 60s & 70s Inspired. No logos on clothing. Patterns welcomed.
  • Sneakers or Boots.

  • Musical Theatre II
  • "Singing In the Rain"
  • Black & White bottoms and tops.
  • Dress Pants, button up shirt, suspenders. Think black tie with a twist.
  • Boots or Flats 

  • Tiny Thespians
  • "In Summer"
  • White Tshirt and White bottoms. You will decorate a white tshirt in class two weeks before show.
  • Sneakers, boots, or flats

  • Drama
  • "King of the Sea"
  • Each child will wear a plain colored Tshirt with blue jeans, Ms. Shana will let each child know what color their shirt should be, You will also decorate the shirts two weeks before class.
  • Sneakers, Boots, or Flats. Crazy hair suggested to fit your character. 

  • Guitar Ensemble
  • "All-Star"
  • Your best rock outfit

Holli's Solo

  • All Black
  • Drama students wear your Drama Class Outfit

Nick's Solo

  • Whatever you are wearing, be the next costume or last costume.

Victoria's Solo

  • All Black


  • Girls: One piece bathing suit with sarong/board shorts/jean shorts
  • Boys: Boardshorts w/ Tshirt
  • Bare-foot
  • Shorts/Tshirt for anyone NOT wanting to wear a bathing suit.