Showcase 2021 Showcase Information!

Vocal Ensemble


Rehearsal Date & Times:

Find all the available rehearsal dates and times below. Please try to come to as many as possible.

Showcase Ensemble rehearsals


**Rehearsal dates and times are subject to be added and cancelled.

**If you have signed up for a rehearsal and it gets cancelled, we will text you individually to let you know.

**If you find yourself able to come to a rehearsal that you didn't sign up for, let us know to double check if it is still scheduled.

Please use the form below to sign up for rehearsals.

We suggest to try to come to as many of the Saturday May dates.

Remember that usually the first time we are all together is the day of the show, so please sign up for as many rehearsals as possible. Thank you!

***Rehearsals are subject to cancellation if not enough students are signed up for a specific date.***

Rehearsal Tracks & Information!

We highly suggest to change the speed settings on the youtube videos to learn the choreography! There are some very busy parts to learn. :)

use the cards below to find rehearsal tracks, choreography and costume ideas for each song!